Compressed Air Systems

For over 42 years Southern Fluid Systems has provided a wide range of highly reliable and low maintenance compressed air systems. We have a deep knowledge of industry needs and the demands required for productivity. We use that experience and knowledge to provide you with the ideal solution for your business.  Piston, rotary screw and rotary vane compressors, desiccant, refrigerant and regenerative air dryers, after coolers and oil/water separators.

air compressors

Air Compressors

FS Curtis Air Compressors

Since 1854, the CURTIS® brand has empowered generations with the air power needed to turn visions into reality. FS-CURTIS™ is the company you know and trust for highly reliable master line piston air compressors and the modern and energy efficient variable speed screw GS line air compressors. CURTIS® compressors are known for performance and reliability.  More Information

Mattei Air Compressors

The most energy efficient and reliable way to create high volumes of compressed air. The Mattei rotary vane air compressors are used in the harshest environments thinkable. Coal mines, Cement factories to name a couple. These rotary pumps can suck up dust and dirt and spit it out without skipping a beat. They are the most energy efficient also. A 40 HP rotary vane will normally do the same work as a 50 HP rotary screw compressor. Mattei units are quiet, compact and energy efficient. If you have not looked at a Mattei, you are missing out.  More Information

compressed air dryers

Compressed Air Dryers

Regenerative Air Dryers

Regenerative desiccant dryers use desiccant media to dry compressed air through the process of adsorption. Dry air with dew points of either -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F can be achieved. These extremely low dew points are necessary in critical compressed air applications or for those in extremely cold environments where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping, resulting in blocked flow.

Refrigerant Air Dryers

Meeting the need for clean dry air body shops, mechanic shops and for general use, the refrigerated dryers are just the ticket. These units are in-expensive and easy to maintain. They provide clean dry air down to the 35 deg dew point mark. While not quite dry enough for most painting operations, they are good solutions for the rest of the shop. Most body shops will use a refrigerated dryer along with an air compressor for the shop, in conjunction with a small point of use desiccant canister at the paint booth.

Desiccant Air Dryers

For the cleanest, driest compressed air possible, twin tower desiccant dryers are the way to go. These units provide dew points down into the -40 deg mark. Removing all the moisture.

clean air systems

Clean Air

Devilviss DAD-500

The three-stage desiccant unit provides the ultimate in clean, dry air. First stage centrifugal filter removes particulates to 5 microns. Stage two coalescent filters down to .01 micron. Third stage desiccant removes remaining water vapor to a dew point of -40ºF. Ideally suited for low to medium production.


CT series desiccant air dryers remove water vapor from the compressed air down to a dew point of -40 degrees F Quick change 10 lb. desiccant cartridge bag is made of a special fiber media which removes oil aerosols and solid particles down to .01 microns – meaning no need for coalescing or final filters.

Breathing Air Systems

The Personal Air Breathing Unit includes a breathing air filter to remove oil vapors, hydrocarbons, toxins, and odors commonly found in compressed air system. The built-in carbon monoxide monitor continuously monitors the filtered air for compliance with current OSHA standards. The monitor is equipped with both audible and visual alarms, and operates on a 9-volt alkaline battery. An integral pressure regulator with gauge is provided to set the pressure for a NIOSH approved mask or hood. Also, a 54″ tool hose is provided, prior to the unit, to complete the assembly for a single line hose system.

tubing fittings

Tubing & Fittings

Prevost Pipe

Prevost Aluminum Pipe with easy to connect fittings and valves may be your best choice for your compressed air distribution system. Small garage or major industrial facility, we have your pipe size: (63mm), (40mm), (32mm), (25mm), (20mm), and an extensive range of accessories. Prevost compressed air systems meets the requirements of numerous industrial, aerospace, electronic, pharmaceutical, medical, plastic, extrusion, manufacturing, power generation, automotive and garage workshop installations. Prevost pipe is sophisticated enough for NASA and easy and affordable enough for your home garage.  More Information